Title Page - Issue 1

8th Nov 2020, 9:19 PM

Title Page - Issue 1
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TrinitySilph on 8th Nov 2020, 9:19 PM

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And here we go!
This title page was originally created in 2015 - ink on bristol board, then finished in photoshop. It's also the cover of the print version, which was the final project for my comics and graphic novels program.

I have mixed feelings about it because on one hand, it's pretty good for where I was at the time, but on the other, none of the above are my preferred tools and I think it shows. Still, it was the first appearance of my girl The Wanderer, so I really can't be that mean to it. =P

As is probably apparent, I'm still playing around with the design of this site - it probably won't be pretty for a while, so please accept my apologies in advance! haha I'll try not to make it too repulsively ugly. xD;;

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